Love the Way You Lie (“You” Being Sugar)


candace graves

I love sugar, but sugar doesn’t love me. It’s like an abusive relationship I can’t walk away from. (Just giving an illustration; obviously the two aren’t really comparable … that would be pretty offensive.) Sugar tells me that it will make me happy, and I may be happy at first… But after eating the processed, added sugar, refined carb deliciousness, I feel like crap.

Ever since getting sick last year, I realized that white sugar is one of the worst things we can put in our bodies. I don’t even call it a “food”; it’s more like an addictive chemical. Actually, that’s what it is. Addictive. And a chemical.

I love learning about health, nutrition, preventative medicine, etc. BUT quite honestly I battle a massive sugar addiction. It sucks!!

I was going to write a list of reasons explaining why sugar is terrible for you, but this article from Authority Nutrition does a pretty great job. Here are a few of the main points:

– Sugar contains no usable nutrients – no protein, essential fat, vitamins or minerals. The bacteria in our mouths digest this energy very easily. Sugar feeds bacteria. This leads to tooth decay.

– Added sugar contains fructose, which our bodies have no physiological need for, and excess amounts can harm the liver. Excess sugar gets stored in the liver as fat. This can lead to fatty liver disease plus other serious health issues.

– Sugar can cause insulin resistance! Which can cause metabolic syndrome and diabetes! Overloading our bodies with glucose leads to insulin resistance.

Ok now I’m feeling lazy, so to see the rest of the article, click the link above!

Basically, sugar is a toxic chemical to our bodies. Each time we ingest added sugar, our bodies have to work harder to maintain our homeostasis. It’s completely counter-productive to a healthy diet. It also enables rapid cell reproduction, which is very, very bad in regards to cancer. The more sugar we ingest, the less-healthy our cells become… There are just so many reasons to give it up.


Because it is addicting, I still struggle to give it up. Do you? Share your sugar addiction stories below, or how you overcame them. I’d love to hear!

Oh, last note:

I didn’t write anything about sugar and weight loss, because quite honestly I care more about my health than losing weight. Plus, once you start looking at food as a way to sustain your body, everything else kind of falls into place.

But the truth is that once our bodies digest and process sugar, they store it as fat. So an excellent step forward if you’re trying to lose weight is to cut back on added sugars!

(Hint: the best way to look at food properly is through a Biblical lens – realizing that we were created to worship our Creator, not other parts of creation, including food. God is so good that he blessed us with nourishment that tastes amazing! Amen for delicious food. And when we worship God instead of our bellies, emotions, control, etc., we can truly enjoy what he has given us.)