Book Review: “Eat Move Sleep”


I LOVE the library! I think it is one of the most brilliant institutions on planet earth. Tons of free books, movies and music. Last summer I had three years’ worth of fines built up and, wanting to finally face the music, I went in to pay them. Amazingly, the librarian reduced my fee from $80+ to somewhere around $5! I could go on, BUT…

Eat Move Sleep

THIS is why I’m not a graphic designer. 😛

…The point of this post is to review one of the books I rented – “Eat Move Sleep” by Tom Rath. Rath is not a doctor; he’s just a regular dude trying to live a healthy life. He actually discloses in the book that he has a rare genetic disorder that causes tumors to grow in his body. He eats, moves and sleeps as if his life depended on it, because it does!

This book was extremely easy to read and provided tons of interesting facts about healthy eating, exercise and sleep. His “Eat, Move, Sleep Equation” looks like this:

“Starting your day with a healthy breakfast increases your odds of being active in the hours that follow. This helps you eat well throughout the day. Consuming the right foods and adding activity makes for a much better night’s sleep. This sound night of sleep will make it even easier to eat well and move more tomorrow.”

I’ve seen this truth play out in my life, and I’m sure you have, too. It all works together, and each decision impacts the next. One major takeaway from this book was when Rath explained that, “Each bite is a net gain or loss,” meaning each food decision that does more good than harm is a net gain, and vise versa. Remembering this helps me to make good decisions throughout the day.

I recommend this book as a quick and helpful read. It provides “snackable” pieces of info that can be applied to your everyday life. Would be a great pool-side read this summer!


Staying Healthy at an Office Job



I just started my first full-time marketing job! Oddly enough, I wasn’t as nervous to start the actual job as I was about the sedentary work style I’d be embracing.

There are tons of studies out there suggesting that office jobs are hazardous to our health. While some factors are out of my control, here’s what I’ve been doing to stay healthy:

– Eat healthy foods! In the morning, I aim for protein (oatmeal, eggs or bran flakes & almond milk) with fresh fruit. If I oversleep, I’ll whip up half a pb&j on whole grain bread and eat it in the car.

Lunch varies, but my staple is a spinach salad from Heinen’s salad bar. I sprinkle lean proteins like chick peas and nuts on top. Chicken salad is also one of my favorite lunchtime picks.

Snacks are a must for me. I’ll keep almonds, prunes, apples or a granola bar at my desk. My downfall is sugar; I always crave something sweet after a meal. A small quantity of chocolate usually does the trick.

– Drink fluids! I HAVE to start the day with water, or else I feel very dehydrated (because I am). Once I get to the office, I pour a cup of coffee with plain cream. Throughout the day I’ll sip water, and after lunch I’ll have a cup of peppermint tea to aid digestion.

The added benefit of drinking fluids is taking bathroom breaks! Getting up to move around is soooo important. It helps me focus more on my work.

– Move! Like I just stated, if I sit at my desk for too long I start to go stir crazy. Thankfully, my company’s lounge is downstairs, so each time I get a cup of tea or walk to the conference room it involves taking the stairs.

– Break for my eyes! Staring at a computer screen is so draining, mentally and physically. Taking my eyes off of the screen and resting them for a few moments, even if its just to read something on paper, goes a long way.

There are some areas I could improve on; willpower being one. As bad as they are, I love donuts! If someone brings them into the office, I will most-likely partake.

Sitting at a desk all day is very tiring. I know that if I fill my diet with crap I’ll be exhausted, and probably not very productive. I figure if I eat healthy most of the time, occasional treats like donuts won’t kill me.

How do YOU stay healthy at work??