Book Review: “Eat Move Sleep”


I LOVE the library! I think it is one of the most brilliant institutions on planet earth. Tons of free books, movies and music. Last summer I had three years’ worth of fines built up and, wanting to finally face the music, I went in to pay them. Amazingly, the librarian reduced my fee from $80+ to somewhere around $5! I could go on, BUT…

Eat Move Sleep

THIS is why I’m not a graphic designer. 😛

…The point of this post is to review one of the books I rented – “Eat Move Sleep” by Tom Rath. Rath is not a doctor; he’s just a regular dude trying to live a healthy life. He actually discloses in the book that he has a rare genetic disorder that causes tumors to grow in his body. He eats, moves and sleeps as if his life depended on it, because it does!

This book was extremely easy to read and provided tons of interesting facts about healthy eating, exercise and sleep. His “Eat, Move, Sleep Equation” looks like this:

“Starting your day with a healthy breakfast increases your odds of being active in the hours that follow. This helps you eat well throughout the day. Consuming the right foods and adding activity makes for a much better night’s sleep. This sound night of sleep will make it even easier to eat well and move more tomorrow.”

I’ve seen this truth play out in my life, and I’m sure you have, too. It all works together, and each decision impacts the next. One major takeaway from this book was when Rath explained that, “Each bite is a net gain or loss,” meaning each food decision that does more good than harm is a net gain, and vise versa. Remembering this helps me to make good decisions throughout the day.

I recommend this book as a quick and helpful read. It provides “snackable” pieces of info that can be applied to your everyday life. Would be a great pool-side read this summer!


Sleep Deprivation Leads to Sickness


As I noted in my last post, I recently started working full-time. Unfortunately, my body is still adjusting to going to bed early and waking up at the buttcrack of dawn. This has resulted in a lack of sleep.

It seems like every time I start to become sleep-deprived I catch a cold, no matter how healthy my diet is.


Sleep is so, so, SO important. Lack of sleep leads to weight gain, stress, imbalanced hormones, a messed up metabolism, and case-in-point, sickness! I made it through the entire winter perfectly healthy, but as soon as I started losing sleep I caught a cold. Talk about a bad trade-off.

Now that I’m fighting a cold, here’s what I’ve been doing to support a quick recovery:

– Trying to sleep as much as I can! Since I have to wake up around 6:30 a.m., I try to be in bed by 10 p.m. Our bodies have an amazing way of repairing themselves, and much of that is done while we’re asleep. When we curtail sleep we’re robbing our bodies of their ability to fight for us.

– Cutting down on sugar & loading up on whole foods! Sugar suppresses your immune system. When I’m sick, I try to avoid any extra work my body has to do to maintain my homeostasis. This way, my cells & immune system can focus on keeping me healthy. Avoiding processed foods and choosing whole foods like vegetables, fruit and plant-based proteins seems to help! (I’m not a vegetarian, just an FYI…)

– Drinking fluids! Water, tea and coffee are my staples. As far as vitamin C, I choose whole oranges over processed OJ. I read somewhere that the manufacturing of OJ adds chemicals that make it less-than-ideal to drink; not to mention the concentrated sugar & lack of fiber. I also have a theory that your body absorbs nutrients better when the food is closest to its natural form.

– Resting! I’ve been keeping it pretty low-key at home…

– Exercising! …Except when I’m on my treadmill! No, it’s not a paradox; light exercise is thought to help your immune system. (But always listen to your body – if you don’t feel up to it, then don’t do it.)

– Taking PM cold medicine! I am anti-pharma to a degree, BUT I do take pain relievers and cold medicine in moderation. I don’t think cold medicine removes the cold quicker, but where’s the harm in making the symptoms more bearable? It also helps my breathing while I sleep.

And something I wish I hadn’t done:

– Take generic airborne! Drug Mart brand, to be exact. I can’t say for sure whether it was the ‘borne or my lunch, but my stomach felt like death! Seeing how I frequently eat the same thing for lunch, I think it was the medicine…

How do you prevent or fight off the common cold??